Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's hot today!

Today is going to be really hot so it maybe difficult to concentrate on designing! I have lots of competition themes to work on so really need to focus and get them done.

Yesterday I was just using black and white in my designs but today I'm going to talk colour. I love colour. I like wearing it, buying it and using it in my work. I get colour inspiration from lots of places. I am a great user of Pininterestest, ( )and have a board just dedicated to colourways. I store them here and when I am looking for ideas to add colour to a design I look here. The pin are from a variety of sources. There are some really good websites where you can find colour swatches and I repin from other people. I also try to generate my own. When I did Module 1 of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern they had lots of hints and tips about using colour. On one of the sites they mentioned you can create swatches and it's great fun! I love taking photos as well so I went a bit mad creating lots of colourways like this,

This was created at (

Thought this was a great colourway for hot colours, perfect for today.

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