Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy Homecomings!

I am back to blogging after a lovely, restful and much needed holiday. I gained lots of inspiration from my travels and took loads of photos. I love focusing on details in walls, doors and windows!

Some of the shapes, patterns and colours may soon start to creep into my new work because I need to get going again! I think this is my first real test with my designing. I had really built up momentum and had produced a lot before my break and I can't wait to get started again. There are loads of things I want to do but must be mindful not to expect too much in the next few days. I tend to put too much pressure on so I think my philosophy will be to be kind to myself as I build up speed again!

P.S. Something that really made it a happy homecoming was my first top 10 placing in the weekly Spoonflower contest, "Fashion"!

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