Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Online portfolio.

I'm still working on some ideas for the "Black and White" theme Tigerprint competition but I thought I would take time out to talk about how brilliant I am finding keeping an online portfolio.

When I first started designing again I felt that as I was making progress I wanted somewhere I could keep my designs as well as getting some exposure. After doing a bit of research I cam across Behance and found it very easy to set up my own page. You can put designs in collections, add descriptions and keep a track on who is looking at your portfolio and profile. I find it really easy to use. It has an app that you can use on your ipad which syncs with your portfolio so you can always carry around an example of your work. Sometimes I find it scary how much technology has advanced!

Anyway if you fancy having a look at my portfolio here's the link,

And to prove I am still working on ideas here's what I added to it yesterday!

 c.Slumbermonkey Designs 2013

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