Thursday, 31 October 2013

Woodland Wonders.

One of the things that I have written about before is my love of jewellery. I adore it. One of my favourite things on holiday is seek out new and unusual pieces. I love quirkiness, colour and individuality and try and buy handmade one-off items. This love has also led me to try and develop some jewellery ideas of my own. I've tried lots of different materials when I experiment and have had some success with both polymer clay and resin. My new passion though is shrink plastic and I have been working on creating a new collection based upon my "Prickles and Pinecones" surface patterns. I really do love hedgehogs, hares, rabbits and other woodland creatures so I decided to take my original illustrations and make them into brooches and rings. I am going to develop these into necklaces as well but it all takes time! Here are some of the results so far.

I then thought that I would display them on some old fashioned brown tags and add some letterpress titles. My favourite two are the hare in the green scarf and the dozy dormouse! but I have a soft spot for them all.

I have added these to my Etsy store and am planning to develop some more!


  1. These are all wonderful! The hare in the green scarf is my favorite :)

  2. Thank you! I may do some more with different colour scraves!