Friday, 26 July 2013

How did I get started?

As I said yesterday this is a change of direction for me after a long time in another job. I left university in 1992(!) with a degree in printed textile design and although I freelanced for a while, I soon got tied up in other things. Now nearly 22 years later I have decided to go for it again. Things have changed so much. Nobody used computers when I did my degree, the internet didn't exist and everything had to be designed on paper. That's how I sold my first designs. During my research I have found that all these advances seem to have democratized design and widened opportunities. everyone seems to have an equal chance. I signed up for Module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern ( and began my journey. Through this I have found so many lovely people all doing a similar things and the community is so supportive.

I have also found about lots of online design competitions that companies run and have tried to enter as many as possible. I will show more of this later but these are some of my entries for latest Tigerprint competition, "Love and Marriage".

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