Thursday, 11 June 2015

Where have I been?

I'm so sorry blogging fans but I have been neglecting you! I realised my last post was in the run up to Valentines Day and here we are in June. Why the silence? Well I am in the process of relocating from Norfolk to Dorset and it has been a long drawn out saga which is still going on. Consequently I have nowhere to work properly and things have become a tad tricky. I still have my trusty Mac so I've been designing patterns and I'm keeping my Etsy store ticking over. However I can't wait until I'm settled again and back to making. The exciting thing is our new house has a studio in the garden! Yay! Anyway here's some pics of things I've managed to do in the short term including placing in the top 10 of a recent Spoonflower comp!


I've also been busy keeping a sketchbook going in preparation for the time when I can really concentrate on my creative life! I have managed to design and publish some greeting cards though.

Here's hoping I can be settled very soon. Watch this space....

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