Friday, 31 October 2014

Winter Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the big Winter blog hop! I am thrilled to be taking part alongside other ABSPD alumni. Hopefully you have just come from the wonderful Joanne Cocker                        ( and seen her fab work. If not click on her name to explore now!

I thought that in this post I would show you the development of my Christmas card designs, from drawings to finished products. I began thinking of themes a few months ago because I wanted to make sure that my cards would be ready in good time. Woodland animals are a huge love of mine and I decided to concentrate on using my illustrative work to create my festive designs. Here you can see my early sketches and ideas.

I then began to add colour and other details, layering some patterns and adding wintery textures. Here I tried out darker grounds for my curled fox. I was trying to create a feel of frostiness and snow.

In the end I decided on my three designs, a fox, a hare and a badger. I also used my own typography, adding simple hand drawn greetings to enhance the overall look.

Here are each of the designs showing a little more detail. You can see that I decided on a lighter colour scheme for my curled fox.

Finally the designs were ready to be printed and for this I used who I have found to be quick and reliable. I am extremely pleased with the results. They are exactly how I hoped and imagined they would be. I have achieved the look I was aiming for, but what do you think? I would love your opinions!

They are now for sale in my Etsy store!

Now it's time to hop on over to Petra Hoffman at

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