Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Happiness Is...Gifted Too!

For the past few weeks, along with some lovely, talented designers, I have been taking inspiration from the Tigerprint Gifted Challenge. Although not eligible to take part officially (you have to be a recent graduate/ undergraduate) we all loved the idea of being given a theme a day to work to. This week (week 4 of the challenge) I have taken the reigns from Annette Kirstine Designs to blog about our ideas.

Both designs this week focus on the theme "Happiness Is..." The first one is by the fantastic Faye Brown who has created a simply scrumptious photograph!

I adore the arrangement here and the pops of colour. The typography also works brilliantly. In fact it all makes your mouth water! I think this would make great wrapping paper or would work really well on stationery. 

Faye is doing a fantastic "Summer of Design" project over on her blog (FayeBrownDesigns) which is aimed at getting children creative over the Summer. She has some great ideas for activities for all ages (adults too) whatever the weather. This weeks brief is all about photographing the alphabet and sounds really exciting! http://www.fayebrowndesigns.blogspot.co.uk/

I decided to also look at "Happiness Is..." but from a slightly different angle. I have recently been drawing lots of whimsical, imaginary landscapes, buildings and plants so I decided to use this style to create a homage to the great outdoors. I've just enjoyed a couple of days out where it was just amazing to sit back and enjoy the countryside in this fantastic weather. So my happiness is...

I hope that has got you thinking and given you some ideas. If you had the theme "Happiness is..." what would you be inspired by?

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