Thursday, 24 April 2014

Back to the classroom! Module 4 of ABSPD.

I have been a bit quiet on here lately because I have been undertaking Module 4 of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design- Building Your Professional Portfolio. This is a brand new course and I just had to sign up for it straight away. Over the last year my development as a designer has gone hand in hand with taking each of the ABSPD modules. When I heard that Module 4 was being introduced I could not resist! I know this is such a cliche, but I really have been on a complete journey of discovery and I don't want to stop. This time last year I was unwell, off work and struggling to make sense of my life. Today I write this post excited, enthused and completely immersed in the world of Surface Pattern, full of anticipation as to what could lay ahead.

Module 4 has certainly been keeping me busy! It is really heavy with fantastic content.The course has been divided up into sections that logically follow the process of making your portfolio professional and industry ready.  I have spent lots of time drawing, spurred on by exercises that challenged me to broaden my subject matter. This is a design based on the letters of my name!

Also invaluable has been the wealth of "masterclasses" by people already successful in industry. They have provided me with insights and skills that will have a lasting impression on how I design, create and present my work. There have been classes with technical content as well as ones on colour, typography, repeats (the list goes on!)

Most exciting of all however are the live briefs from renowned companies. These are really forcing me to change and develop as a designer and move me out of my comfort zone. It is really thrilling to be able to work to a deadline and know that your work will be seen and that you will get feedback. The briefs have been really diverse and challenging. I can't share anything just yet but I'm really excited about what I've achieved so far.

I'm still in the middle of the course so I will keep you all updated. It's been intense so far but really enjoyable. The support has been amazing and you always feel that there is help if you need it. In my view, Rachael Taylor and her team have certainly pulled out all the stops to create a course that is enjoyable, professional, innovative and inspiring.


  1. Wow, the class sounds so good, Lindsay. I'm hoping I can take it sometime too. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a feeling you're going to soar!

  2. Thanks, Shelly! I am really enjoying it and hoping that my work will move to that next level x