Thursday, 12 December 2013

Craft Fair Refelections.

Last Saturday I took part in my very first craft fair. I decided to start quite small and signed up to do the one at The Minories (a contemporary gallery) in Colchester, Essex. It is a bit of a way to go from where I live but I have links with the gallery as I did my MA there and sell works in their gift shop. My first worry was what to take? I spent a long time making and designing a range of items that I hoped would appeal to buyers. I also kept my items manageable so that it would be easier to pack and unpack. The Minories is in a lovely old building and my space was upstairs by the windows with lots of natural light. I set about arranging and the first thought I had was that my items were too diverse which didn't give me such a strong "look".

I tried to create different points of interest and height (in a former life I was a visual merchandiser!) and put out price points. The first hour was a little slow but as coffee time came around (there is a lovely cafe there) more people arrived. I had lots of positive comments, especially about my scarves and I sold two of these! I wish that I had made more but I simple didn't have the funds.

There were lots of other stalls and I was able to get some terrific ideas for the next fair that I do. I have thought about how to display my items more effectively, better labeling and promotional materials.  One thing that I did notice that lots of people look but don't buy! However it was great to engage with people, meet other designers/ crafts people and put my work "out there". It was a good day and in the end I made enough money to cover my stall twice (and a bit more).

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